Sant Mat आज ही
संतमत सदस्य की सूचि
में शामिल हो
होम हमारे बारे में संपर्क करे

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Maharshi Mehi has clearly stated that Santmat is not a new creed. It is a union of all the Sants (God-realized soul). We respect all the sants. We study the speeches of all the saints and remember them, and follow them. If we dive into the opinions of sants (saints) like Buddha, Sant Kabir, Guru Nanak, Dadu, Sant Tulsi Das, Sant Paltu, Swami Ramkrishna, Hzrat Mohammed, Jesus crist etc.. we will find that in root all saints teaches about one almighty God, only way of their teaching is different, and technique /practice/sadhan to unify with Almighty soul is different when we see by their philosophy.BUT when we see basic then we find all paths of devotion and practice is derived from our old vedas and Upnishad.
विश्व-स्तरीय संतमत सत्संग समिति (रजि.)